Bold Technologies and the Central Station Alarm Association announced they will continue their partnership of the CSAA Five Diamond Program. For the past four years, Bold Technologies has provided a sponsorship program for central stations that wish to seek their Five Diamond Certification.

The CSAA Five Diamond Program is a balanced certification program and has become the gold standard for central station excellence. The CSAA Five Diamond program was founded on the following five principles:

  • Commitment to random inspections and quality criteria standards by a nationally recognized 3rd party such as FM, Intertek (ETL), or UL
  • Commitment to highest central station levels
  • Commitment to ongoing job-related training
  • Commitment to raising industry standards through CSAA Membership and participation in its activities
  • Commitment to reducing false dispatches

To become a CSAA Five Diamond certified central station, every operator must complete the CSAA Central Station Operator Level I Online course.

For central stations that purchase Manitou and would like to obtain their Five Diamond Certification,

Bold Technologies will pay for each operator to take the CSAA Operator Level I course. Chuck Speck, vice president of Bold Technologies commented, “Bold is dedicated to advocating the betterment of the industry and we can think of no better way to do that than by supporting central stations’ continuing education and industry involvement.”

Speck continued, “We are proud to partner with the CSAA for this sponsorship program. Our Manitou software and the CSAA Five Diamond Program is a winning combination of innovative technology and professional development so alarm companies can achieve higher levels of performance and productivity.”

For information, visit or contact Chuck Speck 1-800-255-BOLD.