At a press briefing on the eve of ASIS 2013, Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division and Next Level Security Systems revealed they are jointly launching an affordable, scalable cloud-based video surveillance solution: IPELA CLOUD Serviced by NextConnect Video. Combining Sony’s IPELA ENGINE EX™ Series IP cameras with the NextConnect Video cloud service allows Sony and Next Level to deliver security solutions and technologies to a broader audience of customers, the companies described.

“The technology we’re going to talk about tonight represents the changing face of Sony Security and the security industry as a whole,” said Mark Collett, general manager, Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division. “It highlights continuing transformation from a product focus to a solutions focus.”

Collett went on to describe, “The IPELA CLOUD solution redefines the use and management of surveillance in the cloud. Sony continues to be a leader in the camera market in image quality and technical capabilities, and Next Level’s technology enables users to remotely access video. The combination of our technologies offers unprecedented value to the industry.”

The IPELA CLOUD solution reduces substantial bandwidth costs by leveraging peer-to-peer technology from Next Level, which enables direct connectivity from the camera to the client — instead of routing video through a host computer.

Furthermore, it enables direct connectivity from the camera to the cloud and provides HD video to multiple clients. Service providers also can simplify the management of multiple sites with a single registration. For the service provider, offering video surveillance as an affordable hosted service creates opportunities to generate recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

“NextConnect Video revolutionizes video surveillance as a service by delivering automatic and secure remote connectivity to multiple clients without limitations in bandwidth or video quality,” said Peter Jankowski, CEO, Next Level Security Systems. 

The IPELA CLOUD solution allows the IP cameras to be automatically configured over the network. The solution’s Intelligent Streaming Selection (ISS) technology allows the cameras to automatically detect the amount of available bandwidth and select a suitable bit rate stream that optimizes video transmission and viewing. It also has edge storage capabilities, so users will have the option of accessing live or recorded video directly from the camera. Remote video storage options provide additional flexibility through the cloud for the long-term retention of critical event video.

“The next generation of cloud products are now arriving, bringing lower upfront costs and increased functionality to customers,” Collett described.

 Sony and Next Level plan for the IPELA CLOUD Serviced by NextConnect Video solution to be available in January 2014.