Tyco Security Products announced a new global partnership with Alarm.com. Alarm.com is a technology provider for connected home services powering well over 1 million households.  With highly customized services that include interactive security, video monitoring, energy management and home automation, Alarm.com’s technology perfectly complements Tyco Security Products’ expertise in Interactive hardware solutions, the companies stated.

Alarm.com will be available in early 2014 on DSC’s IMPASSA series followed by select other hybrid systems for global markets later in the year. The partnership includes a close engineering collaboration to ensure the full range of current and future Alarm.com services are supported providing a leading, future-proof platform to dealers globally.

“We look for the best-of-breed technology partners, and pairing Alarm.com’s interactive service with Tyco Security Product’s hardware creates a highly attractive package,” said Alarm.com’s senior vice president of marketing Jay Kenny. “This gives our international dealers the best set of options to bring to property owners and delivers a great experience for the customer.”

Tim Myers, product line director - Intrusion, for Tyco Security Products, stated, “we are very excited about the new opportunities and features that our partnership with Alarm.com will bring to Tyco Security Products and our global customers. With proven service delivery in the security and connected home space, Alarm.com supports our current and future product portfolio. Our partnerships with Interactive service providers in 2014 will give customers both the service and the product choice they have been looking for. We are committed to continue giving our customers top notch solutions for all their business opportunities.”

Aligned with Tyco Security Products’ multiple-partner strategy for Interactive solutions, the partnership with Alarm.com is a further testament to Tyco Security Products’ commitment as a significant player in the global interactive space, the company said. Tyco Security Products’ role as global industry leader in the development of security solutions, paired with the strengths of interactive security services offered by high-caliber partner brands such as Alarm.com, enhance Tyco Security Products’ footprint in the interactive security and connected home space.

The company believes that as a whole, customers will continue to greatly benefit from this new, multiple-partner strategy, as Tyco Security Products continues to identify, build on and leverage synergies between global partner businesses.