MicroPower Technologies has added a range-booster antenna as an optional add-on to its Helios surveillance system. The new antenna extends the data transmission range of the outdoor Helios surveillance camera, allowing video to be transmitted up to two miles line-of-sight.

The range-booster antenna increases signal sensitivity by 16 times and extends the allowable distance between the hub and the hub antenna up to 200 feet, letting users to place the hub antenna farther from the hub platform with minimal signal loss. The enhanced distance factor extends camera placement options to include more remote and/or geographically challenging locations.

The extended-distance antenna also further increases signal efficiency in high-RF noise environments for even more streamlined and secure data transmission. Lightning suppression is added to ensure consistent operation in volatile weather conditions. The range-booster antenna option replaces the Helios camera’s directional antenna, but is still powered by a single 1.2-square-foot solar panel.

For information, visit www.micropower.com.