HTSA_logoThe HomeTechnology Specialists of America(HTSA), Barrington, Ill., added two new members, Epic Audio Video and Hanson Audio Video. Both companies offer a deeply rooted history, rich with experience in designing and installing scalable systems including audio/visual, lighting control, and a broad range of home automation solutions, HTSA said in a press release.

The Naples, Florida-based, Epic Audio Video, has 25-years experience in creating and servicing large integrated systems with a combination of engineers, systems designers, and installers that can provide creative designs; priding itself on recognizing the special care and attention to detail needed when building one's dream home.The team at Epic Audio Video is carving out their own unique space with a retail storefront geared towards better educating consumers about the possibilities afforded by today's home technology.

“We strive to deliver complete systems that truly enhance the lives of our customers, guaranteeing that our work is clean, neat, and functions seamlessly,” said Mike Novak, president of Epic Audio Video. “It was important to us that we partner with an organization that holds itself to this same standard, exemplifying quality. HTSA has proven to be an essential partner as we grow our business, we are thrilled to be working with the group, its vendor partners and our fellow members."

Joining the HTSA family alongside Epic Audio Video, is the Dayton, Ohio-based Hanson Audio Video. Opening its doors in 1999, Hanson Audio Video was built upon an enthusiasm and appreciation for excellence in two channel hi-fi audio, home theater, and home automation solutions. Dedicated to quality, the team at Hanson Audio Video researches and test products from the finest manufacturers in the world, carefully selecting only those that meet the brand's high standards for superior performance. Hanson Audio Video also believes strongly in helping customers make educated purchases, rather than simply selling products and services; it's this consultative approach that has lead the company to establish a world class, nationally recognized showroom that allows Hanson customers to try products first-hand, comparing alternatives in a variety of listening/viewing, helping to ensure the right selection is made.

“Building meaningful relationships is vital to our business, its success, and growth,” said Troy Hanson, CEO of Hanson Audio Video. “Much like the process for selecting a manufacturer partner, we took the time to explore HTSA and what is has to offer. We are thrilled to partner with an organization that presents a wealth of marketing tools, networking opportunities and peer-to-peer benefits, and are looking forward to what this new relationship will bring moving forward.”

Forging a bond within the HTSA network, both Epic Audio Video and Hanson Audio Video are intimately aligned with a variety of key HTSA Vendors including Paradigm, Bowers & Wilkins, Meridian, Leon, Stewart Filmscreen, Savant, URC, Control4, Lutron, SONY and more.

"Both Epic Audio Video and Hanson Audio Video come with an impressive background, reputation, and dedication to success, making them valuable pieces to the CE marketplace and the HTSA membership as a whole," said Bob Hana, managing director of HTSA. "As an organization, we are constantly in search of fresh perspectives, new ideas, and Members who can contribute to our creative synergy. We are eager to join forces with Epic Audio Video and Hanson Audio Video; their energy will certainly be a valued addition to our network."