Hikvision® USA, City of Industry, Calif., custom-tailored its video management system (VMS) software for Omni New York LLC, a real estate development company that specializes in revitalizing urban neighborhoods. Using an extensive security solution that included an on-site security team and thousands of Hikvision cameras, the firm said it improved the quality of life for more than 4,000 residents living in River Park Towers in Bronx, N.Y.

Reliant Safety, a subsidiary of Omni, had very specific requirements for the security system. Essential prerequisites for the VMS included ease of use and the ability to manage new megapixel cameras alongside preexisting installations on a single platform. Reliant turned to Hikvision for VMS software that not only accomplished this goal, but permitted access to multiple users spread over several different locations. “During special investigations, we identified a need to connect with the New York City Police Department,” explained Ash Abolos, vice president of technology at Reliant Safety. “We wanted the ability to remotely link the NYPD to our private security personnel, and Hikvision went above and beyond to give us that functionality.”

Hikvision VMS software was developed for use at the Beijing Olympics, and although the original software was made for a closed network, Hikvision seized the opportunity to adapt it especially for Reliant. Hikvision redesigned the software so that it could travel over the network to client machines — and link directly to the NYPD if the need presented itself. The new software was introduced as iVMS-5000 Enterprise.

Abolos endorsed it wholeheartedly: “We’re thrilled with iVMS-5000 and it has proven vital to our relationship with the police department.”  Jeffrey He, president of Hikvision USA, remarked, “Our focus is not merely security products, but total security solutions for the broad variety of vertical markets we serve. Custom-designed VMS software is only one example of the individualized attention we are proud to provide.”