telguard_ISCTelguard introduced its entire line of CDMA cellular alarm communicators for the Verizon Wireless network, completing the CDMA product line with the addition of the TG-4 and TG-7 series of communicators.

Along with Telguard’s line of cellular communicators for 3G/4G networks, the CDMA products offer an alternative for 2G (GSM) replacements in preparation for the 2G Sunset. Additionally, the Telguard CDMA line is ideal for mountainous and rural areas where cellular coverage may be challenging. Based on the same features and functionality of their 3G/4G counterparts, the Telguard CDMA products support virtually all alarm formats using dial capture for universal panel compatibility.

The Telguard CDMA product line includes the following cellular alarm communicators:

  • The TG-4 CDMA (model TG4V) — for residential, light commercial and business systems. The TG-4 supports the RMR-boosting Telguard Interactive remote control app, based on Telguard’s key switch technology. Telguard Interactive allows users to remotely arm and disarm their system, receive notifications of any alarm status change, view arming and alerting history, and securely share access to their system.
  • The TG-7 CDMA (model TG7V) — for retail, commercial and financial systems providing backup and primary cellular communication. The TG-7 ensures that alarm signals are transmitted over the CDMA network when the telephone line or data network has been disrupted or compromised. Additionally, the entire TG-7 series is UL listed for standard line security.
  • The TG-7A CDMA (model TG7VA) — UL banks, safe and vault listings. The TG-7A features an armored enclosure with anti-tamper switch.
  • The TG-7FS CDMA (model TG7VFS) —sole path communicator for commercial fire. Compliant with the 2013 Edition of NFPA 72 and earlier, the TG-7FS can serve as the sole communications path for the fire alarm system. It replaces all the landlines currently dedicated to the master control unit.
  • The TG-KIT CDMA (model TGKITV) — CDMA upgrade kit. The TG-KIT allows for the quick and easy upgrade of existing Telguard 2G (GSM) commercial intrusion and fire communicators. With the TG-KIT dealers can simply replace the 2G circuit board with a CDMA TG-KIT without disturbing the site’s UL certifications. 

The TG-4 CDMA and TG-7 CDMA series are eligible for Telguard’s Upgrade Incentive Program. Every time a GSM unit is upgraded with a Telguard CDMA unit, a dealer can receive up to $25. In addition, Telguard CDMA activations will apply to the volume price discounts offered to Telguard Advantage Program dealers. For information, visit