Genetec™, in a partnership with automated payment systems manufacturer, VenTek, will offer seamless integration between the VenTek Pay-by-License (PBL) solution and Genetec AutoVu, the Automated License Plate Recognition system which is part of Genetec’s unified security platform, Security Center.

The VenTek PBL parking solution enables parking customers to simply enter their license plate information and pay directly at the pay station without having to return to their vehicles. For parking operators, VenTek eliminates the need to maintain marked spaces and helps prevent parking receipt fraud. Due to this integration between VenTek systems and Genetec AutoVu, parking operators will be able to increase their parking enforcement efficiency, the companies described.

AutoVu-equipped vehicles simply patrol parking installations to scan license plate numbers, while the AutoVu in-vehicle system automatically validates the parked vehicle compliance. The list of vehicles allowed to park in a lot is dynamically synchronized with VenTek pay stations, freeing officers to focus on violation validation and ticketing.

Integrated VenTek and AutoVu parking systems are already deployed at customer sites. VenTek pay-by-license solutions integration is available from Genetec Certified Partners with Auto-Vu Pay-by-Plate Sync 4.0 and above.

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