Security Partners, Lancaster, Pa., announced the full installation of the Bold Manitou platform, with the CSS Aeonix Telephony and SecurVoice call recording platform, at its Lancaster, Pa., and San Antonio, Tex., operation centers.

“This system is bringing the highest level of technology and service to our dealers,” said Mike Bodnar, president of Security Partners. “Such a system increases operator productivity by monitoring real-time activity, evaluating customer interactions, and enhancing training of our team.”

Security Partners is now equipped with a professional telephony recording solution that allows for powerful tracking and analyzing capabilities through a browser-based interface.  It is expected that SecurVoice will help Security Partners achieve dramatic cost savings and productivity gains through more efficient access, creation, and management of the company’s critical communication data.

As part of the full integration, Security Partners is also benefitting from the Aeonix telephony system, which features a Virtual IP-PBX platform with N+1 redundancy, multiple servers and/or VM Ware compatible, multiple PRI & Analog Gateways and a CSTA interface to all major automation software.

“In addition, the system provides blended alarm and voice calls over PRI circuits, PRI to Analog conversion to Virtual receivers and robust IP Telephony for redundancy and mobility,” added Steve Ipson, vice president for operations, Security Partners. “The system was carefully selected because of its ease of use with desktop call handling with private IM & SMS, auto-dialing from automation software & Microsoft Outlook and auto-dialing with dealer phone number injection.”

All of this technology – including autodial, Two-Way voice management, DTMF control and Inbound call management – all works in conjunction with the Bold Manitou software. "The Aeonix telephony solution in combination with our SecurVoice call recording system is a great fit for Security Partners,” said David Crawford, president & CEO of Communication Service Solutions (CSS), the system provider.  “Mission critical communication data and network events can be managed easily with an intuitive user interface.”

Crawford noted Aeonix was designed to meet current and future challenges of organizations such as Security Partners. “Aeonix is what we call a `unified telephony solution,’ as it allows Security Partners to manage voice and data communications for all of their locations. One networked system, powerful and redundant combined with automation software will ease the load placed on IT and reduce the costs and burden of operating multiple systems that don’t necessarily talk to each other and have varied requirements," he added.