Samsung Techwin’s SNF-8010 and the mobile SNF-8010VM fisheye cameras offer 5 MP definition with digital PTZ, intelligent video analytics and onboard SDXC storage up to 64GB.

Images can be dewarped and displayed in a variety of configurations, including single or double panorama and 360-deg. Images can also be dewarped on the client side for viewing and recorded in full 360-deg. view prior to dewarping. The camera detects motion while ignoring small, repetitive motions that could generate false alarms. With this feature, users can also configure the camera’s sensitivity, object size (minimum/maximum) and detection (or privacy mask). The built-in microphone on the SNF-8010 provides audio detection capability, and the camera also enables bi-directional audio communications and audio compression in G.711 u-law or G.726 format. Both cameras provide 12VDC PoE capability, alarm input and output, and the ability to detect tampering and network disconnection. In the event of network disruption, video is automatically recorded to the camera’s onboard SDXC storage to ensure continuous coverage.

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