Zwipe announced that HID Global’s iCLASS® and 125kHz ProxCard® users can now integrate the Zwipe Access biometric card, eliminating the need to add biometric readers to an existing HID Global®iClass® or Prox-based system. The Zwipe solution is designed to enable customers to extend the life of their existing infrastructure while simultaneously increasing its security.  With Zwipe’s on-card authentication technology, only the authorized cardholder can activate card communication with the reader. This means no more lending or borrowing of ID badges to access buildings, university labs, hospital pharmacies, data centers or networks. The problems associated with PINs and passwords are eliminated through the use of Zwipe’s biometric authentication technology. The on-card fingerprint scanner with 3D capacitive technology resides on the contactless smartcard that utilizes an embedded HID Global 13.56MHz iCLASS or 125kHz Proximity transponder. The Zwipe biometric card is also compatible with MIFARE Classic™ and DESFIRE™ EV1.