Fresno, Calif-based Kimberlite Corporation, a provider of verified electronic security for homes, schools and businesses, announced that its Fresno-based central station assisted law enforcement in 1,081 apprehensions in 2014, breaking its own national record of 1,035 apprehension assists in 2012. Kimberlite’s central station has assisted police in 8,576 apprehensions since 2000 — approximately 12 per week — more than any other alarm monitoring station in the United States, the company believes.

Kimberlite, which was ranked No. 39 in the 2014 SDM 100 Report, achieved its record apprehension total in 2014 as a result of the company’s utilization of verified alarms — monitored by live operators 24 hours a day at its Fresno central station. Trained operators assess disturbances at its customers’ properties before most alarms are ever triggered, allowing for discretion as to whether law enforcement should be dispatched to the scene.

The benefits of Kimberlite’s human intelligence element in the alarm monitoring process include the ability to provide law enforcement with details regarding potentially dangerous situations should police be dispatched, which leads to significantly increased credibility and rapport with local police departments and emergency dispatchers, the company described.

“Kimberlite’s primary commitment is to the safety and security of our customers and our communities,” said Joey Rao-Russell, president and CEO of Kimberlite Corp. “With this commitment in mind, the success that our Fresno central monitoring station achieved last year makes us that much more proud. We could not have been able to protect so many without our communities’ police officers and law enforcement officials, and we are truly grateful for their service.”

Kimberlite operates 14 Sonitrol-verified electronic security franchises in California, and provides protection to homes, schools, businesses and communities in Bakersfield, Berkeley-Richmond, Contra Costa County, Fresno, Marin County, Modesto, Napa County, Northwest Los Angeles/Ventura County, Oakland, San Francisco, Solano County, Sonoma County, Southern Alameda County and Stockton.

 Kimberlite is consistently recognized as one of the top providers in the Sonitrol network, as well as one of the top security companies in North America. Despite limiting its operations to only California, Kimberlite has been named a top 100 U.S. security company by SDM each of the past 11 years.