There’s no doubt the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in the market is rising dramatically. The opportunities presented by this oncoming wave of demand for smart home technology is a topic Duane Paulson, senior vice president at Nortek Security & Control (formerly Linear LLC) discussed in a recent interview.

“In five years, we will view the smart home the same way we view smartphones now — just a part of everyday life. Security pros have a real opportunity to be at the front of this mainstream adoption since yesterday’s security system is turning into tomorrow’s smart home,” Paulson said.

Nortek Security & Control, a 60-year industry veteran and longtime manufacturer of garage doors openers, intercoms and all manner of access control and security equipment, has undergone a renaissance over the last few years to become  a security and smart home technology provider.

With a foundation of more than two million 2GIG home control and security system installations and a widening base of Z-Wave lighting, garage door control, climate control, security sensor and other smart home attachment products, Nortek stated that it is on top of the early wave of growing consumer interest in security and automation as the main pathway to the connected home.

“Security is a key and strategic entry point for consumers when adopting smart home technology,” said Paulson.

Recent research from Parks Associates would seem to prove Paulson’s statement to a point. The firm’s “Evolution of Smart Home and the Internet of Things,” which includes data from a Q1 2014 survey of 10,000 U.S. broadband households, reports 64 percent of all smart devices currently in households operate as part of a security or home control system. Smart devices include motorized door controls, lighting controls, networked security cameras, and programmable thermostats, among other devices.

Paulson said, “We’ve seen the smart home wave building for quite a few years and have prepared our company and our dealers for the opportunities that lie ahead. It’s getting harder to succeed with an RMR-only driven model, so we are offering smart home products that can be packaged with RMR solutions pre-sale, upsold at the time of installation, or sold to consumers post sale for one-and-done user installations that provide extra margin to a dealer without requiring a truck roll or professional installation.”

The company plans to release its 2GIG GC3 – premium panel and system upgrade. The new panel will not replace the existing 2GIG GC2 – standard panel and system, but rather complement it as a “premium” 2GIG solution. As such, it will offer state-of-the-art connections needed to start building a home automation system, including 3G, CDMA and LTE cellular, Wi-Fi, PoE, Bluetooth and a POTS module for hard-wiring. It can also manage up to 100 users and control up to 100 wireless zones and two hardwired zones, with scenes and partition support. A larger touchscreen, redesigned button layout and USB camera port on top are other upgrades over the 2GIG GC2 system and will work with Nortek Security & Control’s standalone GoControl smart home attachment products.

The Linear brand still represents an important business segment within Nortek, and the company will continue to support and develop its Emerge access control platform and PERS solutions. At ISC West, the new Remote Management Console for Emerge will be unveiled along with a new licensing structure that simplifies supply chain management and system upgrades for dealers and customers.

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