Unveiling new solutions to the U.S. market at ISC West, global surveillance manufacturer IDIS announced its new U.S. headquarters in the Dallas-Fort Worth area during the ISC West 2015 tradeshow. Pictured here, from left to right: Sr. Director of Sales for IDIS America Keith Drummond, Senior Executive Vice President and COO, Albert Ryu, and Senior Director and Head of Global Technical Support Center Peter Y.I. Kim. Credit: Courtesy of Claire Meyer, Security magazine

A new global surveillance provider has entered the U.S. market – South Korean company IDIS premiered at ISC West 2015 with a powerful display of solutions, already being implemented in Asia and Europe.

“We have been preparing for the U.S. market for three years,” Keith Drummond, Sr. Director of Sales for IDIS America, told Security and SDM magazines. “The wait was less out of financially driven reasoning, and more out of respect for the American market. We wanted to make sure our solutions were at the level that a mature market like the U.S. needs.”

According to IDIS CEO Young-Dal Kim, Ph.D, IDIS provides a total surveillance solution, and the company designs and manufactures everything in that solution instead of relying on partners or outside vendors. This, he says, means a seamless, optimized use of an end user’s surveillance system.

In addition, through the DirectIP product, end users and installers can benefit from a single-source, end to end system, Kim said. The range, including IP cameras, NVRs, monitors, video management software, switching hubs and accessories, gives installers a single point of contact for repairs or resources, instead of being forced to chase down a part from midway through the supply chain. IDIS will not be selling through the channel, but instead directly to integrators and installers, to further streamline operations and support.

Drummond added: “This impacts the total cost of ownership also. By using a single provider in one seamless installation, installers can manage the system complexity to meet what an end user needs, as well as saving money and time in the installation.”

Senior Director and Head of Global Technical Support Center Peter Y.I. Kim said: “Simplicity usually comes with some kind of trade-off... When you look at video management systems, it’s a very powerful system. Someone has to sit down and run the numbers – Do I have enough bandwidth, do I have enough CPU power? That complexity is completely removed in the DirectIP solution, because it’s a pre-engineered solution. It has guaranteed performance, which means there’s no guesswork that you have to do.”

And as business needs and technologies change, Drummond said, larger companies can’t move fast enough to provide quality solutions, but because IDIS has engineers and manufacturing in-house, they have more agility to meet changing demands faster.