temp alarm_axisThe AXIS Q29 temperature alarm camera series by Axis Communications have remote temperature monitoring capabilities. With two available lens alternatives and a resolution of 336 x 256, the cameras allow remote monitoring of critical temperatures at both short and long distances. With AXIS Q2901-E and AXIS Q2901-E PT mount, it is possible to set up multiple alarm zones, which send an alarm when the temperature reaches above or below a pre-configured threshold. To make it easy for the operator, the cameras provide visual aids, such as isothermal palettes and spot temperature capabilities. With thermal imaging, problem areas can be identified before the issue becomes visible to the eye or machinery stops working. The cameras can also provide data for thermal pattern analysis. Axis temperature alarm cameras can be used for detection in perimeter protection or by law enforcement to identify thermal spots in vehicles. AXIS Q29 Series can withstand harsh weather conditions and the casing offers protection from impact and vandal acts. The cameras include support for AXIS Camera Companion, AXIS Camera Application Platform, AXIS Video Hosting System and ONVIF for easy camera system integration.