Canon U.S.A. Inc. introduced nine new network cameras with advanced capabilities designed to efficiently meet outdoor and indoor applications in a wide range of markets including city surveillance, critical infrastructure, financial institutions, airports and transportation, education, retail, commercial offices, and gaming establishments. All nine new Canon network cameras integrate advanced core components designed to deliver video with superb detail, vital color information and exceptional low-light performance. Those core components include advanced Genuine Canon lenses with High and Super High UD (Ultra-low Dispersion) lens elements and multilayer coatings, high sensitivity 1.3MP CMOS image sensors, and dual proprietary Canon DIGIC processors: the DIGIC DV III to help maximize image quality and the DIGIC NET II for simultaneous streaming of H.264 and M-JPEG video streams in multiple resolutions for versatile monitoring and recording (including monitoring on compatible smartphones and tablets).

“Security is an ever-growing concern in many sectors, and Canon is continually improving and expanding its lineup of network cameras,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon U.S.A. “Canon’s years of expertise in designing and manufacturing some the world’s greatest lenses, image sensors, signal processors, and robotic mechanisms contributed to these newest network cameras, which include indoor and outdoor models designed to deliver outstanding video quality and the latest technical compatibilities for use in many markets.”

Common among all nine new Canon network cameras is a range of features intended to help maximize utility, convenience and efficiency. These features include area-specific data size reduction, which allows users to save bandwidth by applying different levels of compression to specific areas within a camera’s field of view, haze compensation, which allows for capturing high-contrast video even in misty or hazy conditions such as those near water or mountainous areas, scheduled custom video settings for optimal image capture according to time of day and conditions (includes exposure, shutter speed, iris, gain, white balance, and noise reduction), and intelligent on-board video analytics to aid in analyzing video content. User adjustable in terms of detection characteristics, these intelligent functions include moving object detection, abandoned object detection, removed object detection, camera tampering detection, passing (tripwire) detection, volume detection, and — depending on the model — scream detection, intrusion detection and sound-level detection.

All nine cameras also include a built-in memory card slot for recording live images and H.264 video during network outages, per event triggers, at scheduled times, or manually via the admin viewer. All nine cameras are ONVIF 2.4.2 / Profile S / Profile G conformant to help ensure maximum interoperability with third-party recorders, and all also include the new Canon camera management tool that allows for centralized management of all current Canon network cameras (camera discovery, configuration, back-ups and restores, firmware upgrades, and more).

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