With the goal of assisting middle market and recurring revenue companies to obtain, maintain and increase their access to financing to support their growth, David A. Stang, founder and president of Stang Capital Advisory, established the company after running Bank of America’s Security Alarm special industry group for nearly 10 years and working in banking for more than 20 years.

With his experience and understanding of the industry, Stang said he designed his company to meet the needs of security companies in ways local banks cannot. For banks and non-bank lenders, Stang Capital aims to offer a more personal and informative relationship, allowing them to provide clients with more financing.

Stang Capital Advisory is designed to benefit several types of organizations. One is the lower middle market and recurring revenue business seeking financing to support growth. Next, Stang helps middle market and recurring revenue businesses that have financing but are dependent on stable or increasing amounts of debt to support growth. The third category is banks or non-bank lenders whose clients are too busy running their businesses to keep the lender informed of their corporate strategies and recent developments. Finally, Stang Capital helps private equity firms better understand the key metrics of predictable recurring revenue and how to finance these types of businesses.

For information, visit www.stangcapital.com.