WavestoreUSA released a comprehensive report covering the benefits of network electronic technology entitled, “White Paper: Making the Case for IP Video.” Systems integrators, security dealers, end users and other professionals in the physical security industry can improve their understanding of how IP video surveillance technology provides proactive, reliable, high performance, lower cost and better integrated security solutions, according to the white paper.

It offers sales, marketing and technical documentation in one complete resource to help integrators understand and be able to explain the benefits of IP networked systems including:

  • shift in demand towards IP-based systems;
  • advantages of IP-based video surveillance systems;
  • selling the IP-based video surveillance system solution;
  • leading markets for IP-based video surveillance systems; and
  • IP video made easy.

The white paper is also available through the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) white paper library.

“Network video or IP-based video surveillance is a system which allows you to install devices, monitor and record video footage via an IP network. Network video surveillance is emerging as an attractive alternative to older analog and DVR systems,” stated SIA in its white paper library description of the report.

“The price gap between IP systems and analog systems has closed dramatically, while the difference in picture resolution is unmatched,” said white paper author, Susan Brady, marketing manager, WavestoreUSA. “In addition to outstanding picture quality, network video surveillance brings new functionality, such as remote accessibility. Exceptionally usable archived video is available whenever and wherever you need it.”

To download a free copy of the white paper, visit www.wavestoreusa.com/support-2/white-papers.