Securitron, an ASSA ABLOY group brand, launched EcoPower power supply. EcoPower reduces locks’ power supply standby power consumption to only 8.5mW, a 99 percent decrease compared with current switching power supplies. According to Securitron, it is GreenCircle Certified to dramatically lower total door power consumption by up to 99 percent, reducing it from 20W or more to 0.3W when used with a low-power lock.

With such a small footprint, EcoPower is easy to install. It can be conveniently recessed into drywall, surface mounted above the door, or mounted on an existing UL-listed double gang junction box. The included EcoPower battery provides up to 26 hours of backup and a built-in battery end-of-life notification system.

With the release of EcoPower, Securitron is showcasing a peek at EcoPower 2.0 multi-door power supply technology. This next- generation technology is intended to power multiple access control devices, while achieving up to 98 percent energy savings over traditional power supplies for a door using access control, and has the capability to handle a higher inrush.

Securitron is also developing EcoMag technology. EcoMag Technology supplies a Magnalock with multiple power-saving modes that provides up to 80 percent energy savings compared with current mag locks, while delivering the same holding force. 

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