Honeywell announced a number of enhancements to its NOTIFIER Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology (SWIFT), which has greatly expanded the array of applications that are ideal for wireless systems.

The SWIFT line of wireless fire alarm detectors and modules seamlessly integrates with new and existing NOTIFIER systems to provide smarter, cost-conscious solutions for myriad traditional and non-traditional applications. Following rigorous evaluation and testing, SWIFT has earned approvals from the Fire Department of New York and California State Fire Marshal. Moreover, SWIFT detectors are now UL listed for an extended two-year battery life.

For new applications and existing system expansions, SWIFT is ideal for challenging wire installations, and high-value or historically-significant facilities. However, SWIFT has highly benefited a number of new applications within growing markets, including:

  • temporary facilities found on many military bases and construction sites, in addition to make-shift classrooms, offices and event venues;
  • building areas under construction or containing a system in disrepair, and needing temporary protection to avoid costly fire watch expenses;
  • barns where the installation and site of wire can negatively affect animals, or inversely where environmental issues can potentially erode wire; and
  • tenant areas where wall and ceiling locations are frequently changed, causing fire alarm field devices to be repeatedly moved and re-wired.

Major updates have been made to the SWIFT tool’s software utility used to evaluate sites for installations, to configure wireless mesh networks, and to extract valuable diagnostic information. SWIFT tools version 1.5 allows users to perform comprehensive site surveys and mesh network configurations. The latest version also provides more diagnostic information on individual device signal strengths.

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