DICE Corporation was the recipient of two ESX 2015 Innovation Awards for its UL-listed Hosted Monitoring Centers and Telecom and ISP services at this summer’s ESX conference.

The DICE wholly owned and operated redundant and mirrored data centers are more than 400 miles apart on two separate power grids. DICE said these centers are providing users with protected access to the company’s state-of-the-art automation software. The DICE UL-listed centers deliver Matrix monitoring and business operating software, Web portals, apps, servers, receivers, network equipment and phone carrier services. Because these two centers are fully redundant, users automatically receive disaster recovery services — meeting the next generation of UL requirements to come. A security business needs only the PCs, the monitoring agents, and/or the sales and service professionals to run their operations using DICE’s solutions.

“Our new and exclusive phone carrier services are a part of what truly makes the DICE UL-listed data centers so unique, as we now have visibility into the carrier networks and can control the call delivery, too. This has never been available to the industry before,” said Cliff Dice, president and CEO of DICE Corporation.

When you use a third-party carrier service, you have no visibility into that carrier’s call routing, service delivery or outages; you simply have to deal with whatever they provide you, he asserted. As phone carrier networks and delivery service change, the delivery paths and signal interruptions are increasing. “With our exclusive carrier services, I can see all calls, see if they are being interrupted and can literally move them to one or another of the multiple carriers that we have access to and you won’t even know that we have done this, as you simply get your calls,” he explained.

DICE Corporation’s system allows monitoring centers and security companies of any size and configuration to focus on their core business of growing their recurring monthly revenue or caring for their customers or their facilities. DICE has a complete set of solutions for the marketplace, regardless of a company’s size, needs, location or current cash flow.

DICE’s Matrix software is integrated with most major vendor products, in every sector of the industry, which means users can offer any solution or application that they want to their customer base or organization. Further, if DICE is not integrated with a solution a dealer needs, DICE’s full-time engineering staff will integrate with the solutions the dealer needs.

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