FIBARO, a manufacturer of wireless, intelligent home automation systems, announced that its three most popular sensors now integrate with the HomeSeer home control system. The three sensors join a lineup of eight FIBARO devices that already integrate with the HomeSeer system.

The FIBARO motion sensor is a wireless device with a built-in motion sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor and accelerometer. With a diameter of less than 1¾ inches, the FIBARO motion sensor — whose design was inspired by the pupil of a cat’s eye — is the smallest device of its kind in the world, according to a FIBARO press release.

The FIBARO FGFS101 Z-Wave flood sensor sends wireless Z-Wave commands when water leaks are detected. Designed after a drop of water, it can be used with HomeSeer controllers to sound alarms, send notifications or activate Z-Wave devices, such as water valves. It also has a tamper feature and a built-in temperature sensor.

The FIBARO door/window sensor is extremely small and easy to mount, the company described. It also has inputs for any binary sensor. It can be used with the HomeSeer system to monitor the opening and closing of doors, windows and gates.

HomeSeer offers a complete family of home automation systems, all of which include the company’s HS3 software and work with its HSTouch mobile apps for home control from any location. HomeSeer offers a range of system controllers, from its smallest and most affordable controller, HomeTroller Zee S2, to its premium, full-featured HomeTroller S6.

Rich Bira, managing director, FIBARO USA, said, “Working with quality brands like HomeSeer, a company with thousands of systems installed worldwide, helps FIBARO to greatly increase awareness of the unique capabilities and design of our motion sensor. Our partnership with HomeSeer gives customers a wider range of home automation options, helping them to create the smart home environment that best meets their unique needs.”

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