Samsung Techwin America announced a new partnership with cloud provider SmartVue. The partnership was made possible by Samsung’s open platform feature, which allows third-party companies using standard APIs to develop applications and install them on Samsung’s WiseNet III cameras. As a result, end users have the freedom to deploy their ideal combination of edge applications including video analytics, advanced features and video management software to match their individual requirements.

“End users are increasingly demanding off-site storage for a variety of reasons, including cost-effectiveness, security and reliability. Our new partnership with SmartVue provides these benefits and more to deliver ultimate flexibility for customers to choose the features and services they need from their video storage solution,” said Tom Cook, vice president, sales, Samsung Techwin America. “Samsung is bringing new imaging solutions to the industry, and we’re continually expanding the breadth and scope of our video surveillance offering to incorporate advanced features like cloud services with innovative partners like SmartVue.”

Samsung’s WiseNet III cameras will now be part of the SmartVue Cloud package. Rather than incurring costs for equipment, maintenance, utilities and other expenses, customers can opt to pay a monthly fee to lease off-site storage space. SmartVue’s Microsoft Certified Cloud Server ensures that video data is stored securely to protect against cyberattacks. Video stored on SmartVue’s cloud can be accessed and viewed from anywhere and at any time.

The cameras’ open platform framework allows end users to install any one of a number of applications that provide advanced functions including, cloud connectivity, video direct to storage, people counting, intrusion detection, queue management, license plate recognition, face capture and recognition, transit and cargo recognition.

Additional companies that offer apps for Samsung WiseNet III cameras include PlateSmart for LPR, Agent VI for video analytics and Veracity for direct-to-storage video transfer from the camera.

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