Highlights of Altronix’s LINQ communication technology include the LINQ Dashboard central management software and the new LINQ8PD network power distribution module, which enables communication and control of analog power supplies from Altronix or virtually any other manufacturer.

“Power distribution and transmission devices are core systems products, which makes network connectivity a crucial asset. Altronix fills this void with the introduction of LINQ Technology,” said Alan Forman, president, Altronix Corporation. “It facilitates network communications, reporting, programming and control of both analog power and PoE, ensuring they are operating and maintained at optimal levels.”

The LINQ Dashboard enables management of networked Altronix products. It is designed to work with all LINQ-enabled products, as well as the company’s eBridge Ethernet over coax solutions, NetWay managed midspans and FireSwitch NAC power extenders that provide Web-based management, and also allow access to third-party Web-based solutions.

The Altronix LINQ8PD network power distribution module facilitates remote control and monitoring of diagnostics with alerts via email or SNMP to help minimize system downtime and eliminate unnecessary service calls. LINQ8PD allows users to upgrade, control and communicate with up to two low-voltage AC or DC power supplies/chargers from virtually any manufacturer, and is designed to retrofit with both new and currently installed units. 

The LINQ2 network communication module is designed specifically for Altronix’s new enhanced eFlow Power Supply Series and provides the same functionality as the LINQ8PD.

Altronix also offers custom application program interfaces to easily integrate its products with embedded LINQ technology and other VMS platforms, providing a single communications and management portal.

LINQ technology is designed to allow more accuracy and expediency in early intervention, system service and preventative maintenance.

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