Nortek Security & Control LLC, a Nortek Inc. company, announced that its Numera Libris mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems (mPERS) are now supported by Affiliated Monitoring services. Numera Libris is immediately available to all Affiliated Monitoring partners in the U.S.

Nortek describes its Numera Libris as a feature-rich mPERS device designed for instant, hands-free communication with leading monitoring services such as those offered by Affiliated Monitoring. Numera Libris provides proactive care management with its GPS location services, cellular connection and the most advanced fall detection available, the company stated. Libris is the starting point for a broader, network-based monitoring and telehealth platform Numera is developing.

“This partnership with Numera gives Affiliated Monitoring dealers access to one of the most innovative and reliable mPERS solutions on the market,” said Daniel Oppenheim, vice president, Affiliated Monitoring. “Telehealth and monitored services are evolving to be more focused on proactive care and Numera is leading the way with its Libris technology and a platform-based approach that provides quicker response times and better access to critical data.” 

Numera Libris travels virtually anywhere, delivering the functionality of mPERS and a personal health device. When integrated with Affiliated Monitoring’s infrastructure, Numera Libris is designed for instant, hands-free communication with monitoring services, automated fall detection, GPS location services and remotely managed two-way voice communication both in and outside the home. Libris stays connected anywhere there is a cellular signal, offers much more specific location data than a cellphone 911 call and doesn’t require a button-push.

“With 76 million baby boomers in the U.S., dealers are seeing an increasing demand for telehealth monitoring services and mPERS solutions among healthy aging customers in their 50s and 60s,” said Tim Smokoff, group vice president health & wellness, Nortek Security & Control. “The demand for the scalability and world class monitoring that Affiliated Monitoring provide to independent dealers with Numera Libris will continue to grow as healthcare reform drives more proactive management of patients to achieve measurably better health.”

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