Milestone Systems has completed the testing and documentation that validates that Microsoft Azure StorSimple 8000 series hybrid cloud storage (HCS) is fully supported for all XProtect software applications and services. In this integration, Microsoft Azure hosts Milestone XProtect video management software.

Microsoft Azure public cloud consists of a growing collection of integrated services that facilitate StorSimple 8000 series hybrid cloud storage and cloud-based computing, networking, storage and application functions. StorSimple is an enterprise SAN storage solution that combines on-premises hybrid storage array with Azure storage. This storage solution is capable of supporting Milestone XProtect components and connecting them with Azure storage for both live and archived databases. In addition, several service levels of Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection options, support options and storage services are available through an Azure subscription.

“Working with the StorSimple hybrid cloud storage solution paves the way for the Milestone open platform to continue providing unlimited choices for new forms of doing business, leveraging the data of visual intelligence with innovative technologies as they emerge,” said Tim Palmquist, vice president Americas, Milestone Systems. “We are building tools to enable third parties to create hosted offerings based on the XProtect platform, and the Azure cloud model provides an easy-to-deploy, scalable and cost-effective architecture for remote office surveillance systems with XProtect hosted in the cloud.”

StorSimple 8000 series has optimized data compression and deduplication, auto-tiering, automated daily back-ups and redundancy. Video data can be tiered to the cloud. All Milestone XProtect applications and services can be hosted in the cloud, storing the video safely either off-site or in a second tier at an on-site location.

The Milestone Solution Certification for IT infrastructure components is achieved through tests to evaluate third-party IT framework units for their compatibility with XProtect software. The process validates and documents verification that the server, storage and network components meet the performance benchmarks required to support Milestone VMS; and measures the maximum performance available to customers.

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