offers more than 100 hours of online training that meets licensing requirements at the national, state and local levels, and has made licensing compliance and administration easy with its new Compliance Management System (CMS) that automates, manages and reports on licensing and compliance requirements. It automatically reviews student transcript data and updates licensing information when appropriate CEU courses are completed.

The system also allows tracking of any third-party CEU training taken by the student including webinars, classroom training courses, lunch-and-learn events, trade show seminars and more.

The dashboard shows all the licenses and certifications the student has received plus the ability to add a state license and/or certification.  In addition, there is an area for notes and each screen in the system provides help for a particular process.

Connie Moorhead, president of The CMOOR Group and, said, “Obtaining and maintaining your license can feel like a bit of a minefield when first starting. It seems like there are countless decisions to be made, and mistakes can be costly. We are the experts in developing online CEU courses. That is why developed the Compliance Management System for the industry.”

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