NTT Com Security, a global information security and risk management organization, provides a unique integrated approach to cybersecurity with its innovative Managed Security Services WideAngle offering, a service that protects an organization’s entire IT architecture including on premise, cloud and hybrid IT environments. With the ability to analyze vast amounts of data and prioritize it into actionable information, WideAngle enables organizations to identify and manage threats and make informed risk management decisions. 

The WideAngle cybersecurity model has three core components: device management, automated analysis and security enrichment. After a thorough review of a client’s IT architecture and vulnerabilities, WideAngle services provide data security tactics tailored specifically to clients’ needs through NTT Com Security’s Advanced Security Operations Centers, which presently operate globally. These centers amass information on potential cybersecurity threats. This information is continually analyzed into actionable data to manage and control risks, and to implement proactive protection and corrective measures. 

“Cybersecurity is a real and present issue confronting organizations every day,” said Christopher Camejo, director of threat and vulnerability analysis, NTT Com Security. “There are so many factors to contend with when addressing this problem, yet NTT Com Security has built a global service model that addresses them all with Wide Angle services.” 

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