DICE recently released its Matrix16 alarm monitoring and business operating software.

According to a release from DICE, its software is now ten times faster in its UL listed, mirrored and redundant, cloud centers than it was five years ago when it was running in its clients’ alarm centers on their own equipment. The software is able to achieve these higher speeds despite the fact that the cloud-based monitoring center doesn’t have any receivers, servers, software or telco lines. The monitoring center needs only Web browsers, soft phones and PCs with their operators. This reduction has cut the cost of being a monitoring station so much that it now reduces the cost structure of those who have switched to the DICE cloud center.

“I believe that over time this will change the industry and who will be a part of the industry in the future,” said Cliff Dice, president and CEO of DICE Corporation. “As Google and Apple begin to nip at the heels of the industry, DICE is very aware of the older style monitoring companies who are pushed so hard to cut their costs that they switch to lower cost products in an attempt to survive in today’s environment. I understand the challenges but don’t believe that cutting costs will make you competitive in the future.”