Incident Xpress Inc. announced that its new, cloud-based incident reporting software solution, Incident Xpress, is now available for access.

Incident Xpress Inc. was founded in March 2019 by Denis O’Sullivan, Cora Bolianatz, Danny Oh and Gerry McCracken. All formerly associated with PPM 2000 Inc., the world’s first commercial incident reporting software company, they collectively have more than 100 years’ experience in incident reporting software solutions.

Incident Xpress (iX) was created to meet the needs of the mid-security market in North America as a comprehensive, simple to use and affordable cloud-based SaaS incident reporting system. It is easy to subscribe, setup and deploy in any size organization and upon sign up, users have access to default setups for four verticals (corporate, education, healthcare and hospitality), online help throughout the product and a help center with guides and video tutorials.

Managing Director and Co-Founder Denis O’Sullivan said, “Our vision for Incident Xpress was to create an incident reporting software solution that is very easy to use and affordable to a broad cross section of corporations, institutions and organizations with emphasis on low overhead costs that in turn translate into low cost to customers.”

“Incident Xpress was not created to compete with the leading incident reporting software companies but rather to complement them,” said Marketing Director and Co-Founder Cora Bolianatz. “Most of the existing incident management software companies cater to enterprise type companies that are looking for a complex suite of solutions. Incident Xpress is a program for organizations that want to get started quickly and inexpensively with little risk.”

Incident Xpress’ mission is to simplify the incident reporting process by becoming the easiest and most transparent incident reporting company to do business with. Everything an organization needs to become a subscriber is publicly available on the Incident Xpress website including functionality and benefits of the product; access to product guides and tutorial videos; pricing and subscription plans; access to a free 30-day trial; and the ability to subscribe from the trial version of the software. iX is considered risk-free because once subscribed, a user can cancel at any time. Subscribers have the option to renew on the anniversary date of the plan selected.

No salespeople, no project managers, no trainers — just the user and the product. For a limited time, iX is offering early adopter rates as low as $49.50/month or $495/year for five concurrent users. Additional 10 user packs are available for $49.50/month and $495/year. Visit for more information.