Milestone Systems released a new version of the XProtect VMS product suite for partners and customers. Three core VMS product releases will be delivered every year in addition to the bi-monthly device pack releases for supporting third-party cameras. The multiple yearly release schedule will ensure that Milestone can rapidly respond to market demands, with a more frequent timetable enabling implementation of new features and enhancements to existing product capabilities within a very short lead time. Milestone also created new beta-lab testing for Milestone Solution Partners. The user benefits of the system include: improved system performance, optimized incident handling and video enablement. For partners, there is improved deployment and customer operations — license handling has been simplified to facilitate faster installation and easier updates. Off-line systems now have far more elasticity in licensing without needing to be online. Smart Connect makes it easy to set up mobile users. The Customer Dashboard online remote system monitoring enables proactive service by Milestone partners to ensure optimum operations, and this has been extended in XProtect 2016 with the ability to document maintenance history and system performance.The XProtect Smart Wall 2016 client shows multiple video feeds, interactive maps, alarms and text messages for improved situational awareness. The XProtect Web Client has been updated to do investigations and export multiple camera recordings allowing access to the VMS from any supported browser.
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