Louroe Electronics’ intelligent audio analytics system, LE-802, offers a solution for unattended monitoring for audio events such as gunshots, aggressive speech, breaking glass and car alarms. The microphone, analytics software and processor are housed in an easy-to-install weather- and vandal-resistant enclosure for outdoor applications. It utilizes Louroe’s wide-frequency response microphone technology, providing 360-deg. coverage. The system hosts and processes any of the audio analytics applications offered by Louroe’s technology partner, Sound Intelligence, including applications to detect aggression, gunshots, glass breakage and car alarms. The system is designed for easy installation on most city utility poles or walls. The system integrates with most video management and monitoring systems. Powered by PoE, the unit analyzes sound at the edge in real time, according to Louroe. The LE-802 can be programmed to activate output ports, send notifications to network devices, store or send audio recordings of an event or play a prerecorded message to a connected speaker system.

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