Diebold has focused on physical security since it first manufactured safes and vaults in 1859. Since then, the company has grown into a provider a full range of advanced integrated security solutions. However, despite this long history, Diebold is exhibiting at ISC West for the first time. For anyone who wants to know more about Diebold, the company will host a product demonstration at 9:30 a.m. in Booth 22000.

The Show Daily caught up with Nathan Agar, Diebold’s Vice President, Physical Security, North America yesterday to talk about Diebold’s physical security presence and why the company chose to be a first-time exhibitor.

Show Daily: What brings Diebold to ISC West?

Nathan Agar: In February, Diebold announced that we divested the electronic security division, to Securitas. We have a strategic partnership with them, but we want to make sure that customers and partners understood that Diebold still have a strong physical security presence. That’s the primary driver; we wanted to display the brand and make sure that everybody knew that Diebold is still in the physical security business.


SD: What are your goals from the show?

Agar: For us, physical security is really about partnerships, and we’re looking to partner with key suppliers here in North America – to expand the portfolio. We have a world-class service organization in North America and we want to leverage that. We’re looking to partner with people in the industry who might have a great product but they just don’t have the nationwide service technician and installation footprint that Diebold has. We want to bring that together and offer that combination to customers. Diebold has always primarily focused on the financial industry. We want to leverage the significant experience we have gained and expand and into other markets that we currently do business.


SD: What can people expect to leave with when they visit your booth?

Agar: The primary focus for us to ensure that everybody in the industry knows that we’re still in physical security. We started in 1859 doing physical security, so security is in our DNA roots of the organization, and people have trusted us to protect their assets for more than 155 years. We’ve retained that physical security piece and we’re looking to grow it.