Yale Locks & Hardware is showcasing a leading wireless access solution that offers flexible and scalable lock management, tailored specifically for the needs of small business, at ISC West 2016.

Yale nexTouchprovides small business owners a wireless access management solution with the security of commercial grade locks and the convenience and cost-efficiency of wireless installation. The nexTouch product is a keypad access lock designed to meet most small business applications, both interior and exterior. The lock can be paired with a ZigBee or Z-Wave system for easy integration into new and existing alarm and automation platforms, such as those from Alarm.com, Control4, Honeywell and iControl. 

“Yale nexTouch fills a gap in the small business space — a system for managing access that provides security and control, but at a cost that reflects the budget realities of a small business, such as a franchise, retail location or medical practice,” said Jason Williams, general manager, Yale Residential. “Our nexTouch lock integrates seamlessly with existing platforms so integrators can provide access management without running wires.”

Yale nexTouch offers many benefits for the small business owner, including easy management of employee access rights and attendance, seeing to unattended deliveries, monitoring of business hours, managing remote locations, and increased security. Lock features may vary based on the chosen integration system, but typically include accommodation of up to 500 users, real-time notifications, audit trail, scheduling of access rights and remote access. 

To meet small business security needs, the Yale nexTouch is an ANSI Grade 1 certified cylindrical lock. The product is designed for standard commercial doors, ideal for employee, delivery or back entrances. The nexTouch will be available with a touchscreen or pushbutton keypad for a more tactile experience. The touchscreen version has an illuminated keypad that wakes with a touch.