STANLEY Security’s BEST SHELTER is a responsive lockdown solution, designed specifically for educational K-12, business and healthcare environments. The SHELTER fob allows for quick communication with the SHELTER wireless system to initiate a lockdown and third-party notification of an event. When the lockdown is initiated from the fob, it is communicated to an attached lockset called the BEST SHELTER 9KX Cylindrical Lockset (9KX). This is a BHMA Grade 1 lock that functions on a 900 MHz secure wireless network, enabling users to quickly and safely lock doors by activating the fob. After receiving a lockdown command from the system, the 9KX transitions from a standard classroom function lock to a Storeroom function. This feature ensures the hallway lever is rigid and secure, only allowing users to enter if they have a key. The 9KX is also equipped with easy-to-understand LED indicators.

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