Napco’s StarLink Series Cellular & IP Alarm Communications solutions line now includes original StarLink Intrusion Radios, StarLink Fire Dual Path Cellular &/or IP models, Mercantile (metal) models, and all-new StarLink Connect Communicators. Advanced Universal StarLink Connect will support a growing number of large panel brands, besides Napco Gemini, including providing Honeywell and DSC dealers with full panel communications support at far less cost. Features include fully-emulated up/downloading; keypad-bus-data driven virtual keypad app; connected home Z-Wave control; and built-in smart SMS text and video alert notification capability, powered by iBridge. The full line of code-compliant StarLink Communicators offers the broadest coverage: Verizon Network Certified CDMA or AT&T 3/4G, and now also including new support throughout Canada.

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