Sharp Electronics Corporation, founding sponsor of the Robolliance program, launched an initiative focused on ground-based security robotics at TEC 2016, presented by PSA Network. Robolliance is “a forum for technology partners and industry experts in robotics, surveillance and security to advance the understanding and awareness of the Autonomous Robotics marketplace.”


Sharp Electronics Corporation is a U.S. subsidiary of Osaka-based Sharp Corporation, a worldwide manufacturing company, which has introduced to non-U.S. markets such robotic technologies as the Cocorobo for cleaning and the Robohon for communication. In the United States, there is Sharp Laboratories of America (SLA) has been working on autonomous vehicles as part of its business robotics R&D.  Sharp Robotics Business Development (SRBD), a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation (SEC), targets growth industries — such as security — primed for robotic technology.


“There is a growing understanding that business robotics will play an expanding role in the future of automation and how companies operate,” said Cliff Quiroga, SEC vice president & deputy general manager. “The demands on the security industry, both from a manpower and technological standpoint, are growing exponentially. Robotics is a solution for organizations to expand their surveillance coverage in a safe, reliable way and liberate manpower to focus on the more demanding, intellectual aspects of security.”


Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA Security Network and Robolliance sponsor, added, “In my 36 years in this space, I’ve seen two or three big game changers that really made an impact on the industry, really made an impact on the dealer’s P&L. I believe this (robotics) to be one.” PSA Security Network hosted the Robolliance press conference at the Westin Westminster in Westminster, Colo. on May 10. 


Three tiers of sponsors comprise the Robolliance.  Sponsors can be technology companies working on or with robotic solutions; sales channel companies such as security integration companies; or expert sponsors, whose know-how drives the educational conversation around autonomous robotics in the security space.


“Robotics for security and surveillance will be highly disruptive and we as sponsors need to be ahead of the curve in building understanding to ease adoption, streamline implementation and help organizations in search of a security solution find answers,” said Alice DiSanto, director of marketing for SRBD. 


“As someone who has spoken and is speaking about security technology every day, Robolliance is just what I need”, shared Mike Kobelin, director of sales at SRBD and former PSA board president. “Robotics is not the first high tech product in my tool kit for large companies looking to strengthen and modernize their security.  However with Robolliance, robotics is the first security solution that has a dedicated website and network of professionals working with me to bring awareness to end users. It’s an ecosystem built on thought leadership and early adoption advocacy.” 


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