CSR Professional Services, known for its Breach Reporting service that allows dealers and integrators to outsource that feature while collecting monthly RMR, expanded to include a more proactive solution called the CSR Readiness Suite in January. Now the company will be officially rolling out a combined solution called the CSR Readiness Pro Edition at ESX in Fort Worth, Texas.

“It’s a combination of our previous services — the CSR Breach Reporting service that has been in market for four to five years and the Readiness Suite,” said Ross Federgreen, CEO, CSR Professional Services. “The Readiness Suite is the proactive portion. The Breach Reporting only comes into play after end user has or suspects a breach or data compromise.”

Businesses of all types must meet legal requirements to protect the personally identifiable information (PII) of their customers, employees and vendors. The Readiness Software as a Service (SaaS) program is a risk assessment platform that addresses this PII, Federgreen said.

Developed and supported by in-house certified privacy experts at CSR, Readiness includes a three-step process: a self-assessment gap analysis; generation of remediation instructions, policies and best practices around compliance, security, incident response planning and audit; and 24/7 access to ongoing input and regular monitoring.

According to Federgreen, the Readiness program “facilitates answers to these questions so the customer is in compliance with the rules as we understand them. Once they have done that, they get a certification of completion so, if in fact they do have an event, they have a much better story to tell and often fines are reduced. It puts them in a much better position than someone who has done nothing.”

According to Federgreen, Readiness has several benefits for the dealer or integrator, such as:

  • it helps them stand out from their competitors;

  • it enhances their customers’ perception of the value they offer;

  • it grow their business; and

  • it  increases RMR while their customers and CSR do all the work.

The other side of the Pro Edition consists of the Breach Reporting Service CSR has offered for the past five years, Federgreen adds. The patented service was designed to help eliminate the anxiety surrounding a privacy breach, for both the channel partner and customer. CSR determines whether the breach requires reporting. The company handles all the mandatory reporting required under local, state and federal regulations.

“If you have an event the breach reporting is fully integrated into Pro to do the analysis and reporting depending on event,” Federgreen explained. “It is a complete 360-degree view towards security breach, regulatory compliance.”

The advantages for the channel partner and end customer are several, Federgreen adds:

  • trust in the dealer or integrator rises;

  • the perception of value increases;

  • risk declines; and

  • costs — for attorneys and consultants — are minimized.

While not required, Federgreen said most dealers and integrators will elect to go through the program themselves before offering it to customers. “It is both applied to the dealer or integrator as well as a money-making opportunity for RMR to their end users,” he said. “What we normally do is if one becomes a channel partner we offer the services as part of relationship. They then mark that up to end user population as a revenue stream.”

Pricing is based on how many end users the dealer or integrator has. There is no “typical” profile because every type of business is at risk. “Everybody suffers data breaches,” Federgreen said. “We do have a minimum threshold charge ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 a month so a partner typically needs at least 350 end users or [it] doesn’t make sense. Our typical client has between 1,000 and 1,500 users.

“Then it is completely Turnkey. We provide training, literature, and material. We can white label the service. Then there is nothing to do but bill and collect the revenue.”

Visit www.csrps.com/products/data-privacy-assessment for more information.