For 11 consecutive years, SDM has hosted the annual SDM 100 Gala to honor the leaders of SDM 100 ranked companies and celebrate their successes. This year the Gala was held in the Fort Worth Convention Center ballroom, on June 8, in conjunction with the ESX show. All of the SDM 100 dealer companies were invited, and nearly 50 were in attendance. By all accounts the Gala was a rousing event that left attendees with a sense of pride for their accomplishments.

Dealers have said that attending the Gala is a delightful experience as they get to network with other industry leaders, be recognized for their success, and enjoy fun entertainment. This year’s Gala did not disappoint, as the casino theme from past years was revived. Following a lively cocktail reception and an elegant dinner, guests were invited to play casino-themed games like Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, and Texas Hold ‘Em.

“The SDM100 Report exists as a result of the vision, dedication and perseverance of business leaders like the ones represented here in the room tonight,” said SDM’s Publisher Chris Ward. “We have a fun and exciting night planned for you. While you try your luck at the games, we will have Rat Pack themed music for your enjoyment from the likes of Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and of course, ole Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. You may even spot a couple of celebrities from the Rat Pack era during the evening,” Ward said, referring to Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra look-alikes who posed for photographs with the guests.

The 2016 SDM 100 Gala was sponsored by 15 companies, including the Central Station Alarm Association and the Electronic Security Association — and the event would not be possible without their support. (See sponsor list at left.)

Many of the guests stayed after dessert to enjoy the music, games, and intermingling with friends. At the conclusion of the Gala, raffle prizes were drawn for those guests who played the casino games and entered their “winnings.” Prizes included an Apple Watch, an iPad Mini and a Fitbit.

“Another great Gala!” said Dave Whittington, CPP, SET, assistant manager at Blue Ridge Security Systems Inc., ranked No. 60 on the SDM 100. “You all do good work, and are so good for our industry!  Thanks for another job well done! We had a great evening!”


SDM 100 Gala Sponsors

  • ADI Global


  • Axis Communications

  • CSAA

  • DICE Corp.

  • Digital Acoustics

  • ESA

  • Hikvision

  • Honeywell Security

  • MKS

  • Monitronics Int’l

  • Perennial Software (SedonaOffice)

  • Resolution Products

  • Synnex

  • Tri-Ed