The security industry looks to the SDM 100 — a report of 100 of the top security companies ranked by their recurring monthly revenue (RMR) — as a wellspring of industry trends and operational best practices. So, which manufacturers and distributors are behind the SDM 100, supporting them with the products, solutions and services that help make them successful?

SDM asked each of the 2016 SDM 100 companies to disclose the top three manufacturers and top three distributors that earn their business, based on volume purchased. The resulting lists, shown here, reveal that the largest security companies rely on a wide variety of suppliers. These lists demonstrate not only diversity in the technology they sell, but also demonstrate that security companies are capitalizing on trends in integration, analytics, connected home technologies, interactive services, alarm communications, and more.

These brand-usage lists were compiled from the 2016 SDM 100 Report. Earlier this year, SDM 100 companies were instructed to list their top three suppliers (both manufacturers and distributors) in order of volume purchased from them. Of the 100 companies ranked on the SDM 100, 85 of them provided this information. SDMcombined all of their responses, and ranked the manufacturers and distributors by the number of mentions each received, with the manufacturer or distributor receiving the greatest number of mentions listed first, and so on. After the top 13 manufacturers and top nine distributors, mentions were distributed fairly equally among a broad number of suppliers and therefore, were unable to be listed here.