Speco Technologies announced that its HT hybrid DVR is available in a covert, wall-mount housing for ultimate protection. The WHT, which allows all channels to be fully configurable for IP, HD-TVI, or 960H, is a solution to deter vandalism and theft. Speco Technologies’ patented wall-mount recorders easily mount in equipment closets or electrical rooms for covert installation. Each recorder is enclosed in a locked box, protecting the hybrid recorder inside so the user can effectively hide in plain sight while capturing full HD 1080p video. The WHT is completely backwards compatible with all analog cameras, yet also features the ability to present HD video from IP and TVI cameras. The WHT supports recording in real time at 30fps, and can handle IP cameras up to 5MP and HD-TVI cameras up to 1080p on every channel. With the WHT, users get the unique Speco platform features such as EZ Search, EZ Network, and Digital Deterrent, as well as the plug-and-play feature with Speco IP cameras. The WHT also supports two-way audio communication, offers mass alert notification via Twitter, and Google Drive archiving for events. It is available in both 8 and 16 channels with up to 12TB of storage.

Speco Technologies | specotech.com