The DirectIP IDIS DR-8364 NVR (and dual-power DR-8364D model) is one of the industry’s most robust recorder offerings, capable of enterprise-level performance on an NVR platform, said its manufacturer. It offers 64 channels and full HD, live, recording, and remote, with a total incoming throughput of 900Mbps (recording 400Mbps / remote 500Mbps), and expandability up to 24 HDD. Further, the DR-8364 records video data with levels of redundancy traditionally only found with a server-based VMS, including storage level redundancy through native RAID 1/5/10 and support for recording redundancy with IDIS Smart Failover, which provides up to 24 hours of uninterrupted recording to an SD card, in the event of a connection failure, with automatic syncing to the DR-8364 afterward. Power supply redundancy is offered with the dual-power supply DR-8364D model. The IDIS DR-8364 is also purpose built with security and data integrity in mind. Proprietary IDIS protocols provide additional levels of security and support SSL encryption. A physically separate camera subnetwork limits direct access to IP cameras, increasing network security.