Digital Acoustics announced its alliance with Singlewire Software, developers of the InformaCast emergency notification platform. InformaCast is an all-encompassing emergency notification system that now supports the Digital Acoustics’ line of IP speakers and amplifiers.

This integration allows Digital Acoustics to become part of a larger system — InformaCast’s advanced solution that enables people to reach an unlimited number of Cisco IP phones, speakers, cellphones and other devices with text and live, adhoc, pre-recorded, or text-to-speech audio creating a powerful IP paging and emergency notification system for any environment.

“Digital Acoustics’ integration with the SingleWire InformaCast solution will allow us to expand our customer base by offering more innovative PA and emergency notification results to our customers,” said Christopher McNicholas, vice president sales. “Customers looking to install our IP speakers and IP amplifiers to their InformaCast deployment, can now easily do so.

“Additionally, all existing Digital Acoustics IP7 customers also have the ability to utilize this integration. We’re continually trying to offer our customers the most effective, cost efficient PA and emergency notification solutions out there,” said McNicholas.

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