Sonitrol released a UL/ULC listed product that uses a reprogrammable software glass-break analytic algorithm to initiate alarms.

Continued research in the use of analytics enabled Sonitrol to improve glass-break functionality and now incorporate glass-break detection algorithms in its firmware on the host panel (FlexIP) and the audio module (Audio-8 PRO) using a lower cost audio sensor as the detection device. Sonitrol said this new release, incorporating advanced glass-break functionality, significantly increases its value proposition and greatly enriches functionality.

This technology includes:

  • advanced audio analytic behavior algorithms to identify glass sounds, as opposed to utilizing hardware components;

  • distributed analytics that reside both on the host panel and the audio module;

  • advanced discrimination of breaking glass during business hours as part of a 24-hr. security level;

  • built-in diagnostics to efficiently test an audio sensor’s ability to detect glass-break alarms during installation and service; and

  • self-calibration, minimizing technician installation and service time.

Sonitrol’s technology partner, 3xLOGIC, developed the glass break algorithm.

“The possibility to introduce further sound analytics opens the door to a number of other opportunities in the future, to respond to users growing security needs,” said Charlie Erickson, executive vice president of product management – 3xLOGIC.  “The Sonitrol FlexIP design platform is uniquely positioned to provide future enhanced analytic possibilities by merely downloading a new algorithm to previously installed hardware.”

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