Homeowners using Samsung SmartThings or Wink to control their Kwikset SmartCode 910, 912, 914 or 916 smart locks will now be able to ask Alexa devices to lock their deadbolts. This feature is a result of the new API launch from Amazon to include smart lock through the SmartThings and Wink hubs.

“The integration between Kwikset and Amazon Alexa devices offers homeowners even more convenience by simplifying the way they interact with their locks. Homeowners can now say, ‘Alexa, lock my door,’ instead of having to open an app,” said Ashton Good, Kwikset senior product manager, Spectrum Brands Inc. – hardware and home improvement division. “We’re excited for Kwikset to work in cooperation with SmartThings, Wink and Amazon to greatly improve and simplify the homeowner’s smart home experience, whether they are at home or away from home.” 

Matt McGovren, vice president of marketing and business development, Wink, said, “Voice control has introduced both the magic and utility of the smart home to a diverse group of new consumers. As the first smart home platform to integrate with Amazon Alexa, Wink is excited to work with Kwikset to introduce new and meaningful connected experiences for smart lock owners nationwide.”

Brett Worthington, vice president of global business development, Samsung SmartThings, added, “As the demand for voice control and smart home devices continues to rise, consumers are looking for products that will work seamlessly together to make their lives more convenient. Our open platform and integration with Kwikset and Amazon Alexa will deliver just that — an experience that brings ease and simplicity to our customers’ daily lives.”