Bold Technologies released ManitouNEO, a new upgrade of its flagship Manitou software platform. ManitouNEO was designed to meet the changing needs of the modern central station. The updated user interface is now Web-based and accessible from a variety of compatible devices. Remote users can access the system through their existing laptops, tablets, and/or smartphones, which eliminates the need to purchase new equipment and makes it easier for dealers and technicians to access accounts in the field. ManitouNEO also features 64-bit architecture for distinctly faster processing. Several new features of ManitouNEO were developed to streamline central station activity: A customizable dashboard, The new customer wizard, and the improved video control center. With ManitouNEO, enhanced action patterns have been upgraded to use “if/then/else” logic and look at account history to determine the proper workflow. The enhanced action patterns can also run SQL statements and execute external programs.

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