American Direct Procurement Inc. along with AccessNsite, is bringing to market a clear and compelling solution to the challenges created by the ongoing collision of Divisions 8 and 28.

The commercial safety and security industry has been greatly challenged by the convergence of the physical, electrical and electronic components of security at the door opening, marked recently by the specification for electronic locks moving from the CSI specification Division 8 to Division 28. For several years, American Direct has acknowledged the inefficiency, complexity, and high cost associated with the current channel structure. In response, American Direct has spent significant time and money combining Division 8 and Division 28 (8/28) products, services and expertise to deliver totally integrated safety and security solutions at the door opening.

Within the past year, American Direct has invested aggressively in the development and expansion of AccessNsite’s feature set and capabilities, including three major software upgrades in the past six months, with another upgrade due in April.

Together, American Direct and AccessNsite can now integrate every facet of a building’s openings, from the mechanical and electronic components of the door structure to the software and hardware that manages and uses the flow of data. This total service offering includes consultation and design, specification and sourcing, mechanical and electronic integration, installation and maintenance, technical support, centralized data aggregation, and aftermarket service through Regional Service Centers (RSC) located across the United States and American Direct’s Elite Integrator Partners.

 “At the end of the day, our true innovation is in being able to provide absolute integration across the entire opening ecosystem,” said Byron Whetstone, president, American Direct.

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