System Surveyor announced expansion into the audio-visual (AV) industry with a complete set of AV system elements. They have the same easy drag-and-drop capability on a digital floor plan, photos and device-specific attributes as other elements for security, fire and IT.

System Surveyor is for systems integrators and end users making it easier and more efficient to design, install and maintain systems. With the addition of AV elements, security integrators who specialize in AV have a simple-to-use, graphical platform.

“We were excited about System Surveyor and what it could do for security but we also have a complete business around audio-visual integration. The System Surveyor team was eager to hear our ideas and we collaborated on the critical elements needed for AV. In our business, the ability to get precise field-level information is crucial to assure that installations go according to plan and to meet customer expectations. There is no better tool than System Surveyor,” said Michael Blakley, commercial sales consultant, ACT Security Inc.

Examples of AV elements are:

  • subwoofers,

  • televisions,

  • projectors and screens,

  • amplifiers,

  • audio and video sources,

  • video distribution,

  • equipment racks, and more.

“Adding AV was a natural next step for System Surveyor. We thank our growing community of integrators and end users for the collaboration to get the features to market quickly. We’re excited to see how this impacts the efficiency and innovation for the growing AV industry,” said Chris Hugman, CEO of System Surveyor.

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