System Sensor announced a line of notification solutions for fire safety and emergency communication systems, providing easy-to-install, efficient options for life safety system integrators. The L-Series includes indoor chimes, horns, strobes, chime-strobes and two-wire horn-strobes, designed to limit integrator overhead through reduced SKUs. The L-Series notification devices have a 20 percent to 35 percent reduction in current draw across all settings, helping small to medium business and enterprise commercial building end users reduce costs. To protect devices from construction damage and ground faults, all L-Series models feature a universal mounting plate with an onboard shorting spring that allows installers to test wiring continuity before the device is installed. All devices are UL listed to the revised UL 1638 (public and private mode) and UL 464 signaling standards, and deliver the high decibel output required by code through a variety of customizable tone and volume settings.

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