Axis Communications announced the AXIS FA Series with modular cameras for highly discreet, cost-efficient video surveillance. The modular AXIS FA Series consists of separate units that comprise the AXIS FA54 main unit, AXIS FA1105 sensor unit with a standard lens, AXIS FA1125 sensor unit with a pinhole lens and AXIS FA4115 dome sensor unit with a varifocal lens (pictured). The series enables cost-effective and highly discreet indoor surveillance of four closely situated areas using one camera system. AXIS FA54 main unit can stream at full frame rate HDTV 1080p videos from four connected sensor units simultaneously using one IP address. It captures video with Wide Dynamic Range-Forensic Capture (WDR) that is optimized for low light and motion. AXIS FA54 also has the capacity to support advanced video analytics, and has an HDMI output for connection to a surveillance monitor.

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